Rose Quartz Candle Holders

27.50 USD

Stylishly surround yourself with positive energy, with our new Rose Quartz Candle Holders! Each candle holder is made of high-quality, blush pink rose quartz. The inside features a circular cut that will hold a tealight candle and a felt bottom to prevent scratching services. This piece is sure to add natural and peaceful beauty to any surrounding.

Rose Quartz: Pink rose quartz is known as a gentle purifier, always working to clear a room of negative energies. It symbolizes our capacity to love, heal, and be at peace. It is the main gemstone related to love and the heart.

Each candle holder is about 2-3 inches tall and 4-5 inches wide.

*Please note that weight, size, and color may slightly vary from piece to piece due to its natural composition. Tealight candle is not included*